noun: rascal; plural noun :rascals

     a mischievous or cheeky person, especially a child or man (typically used in an                        affectionate way).

     “a lovable rascal”

      synonyms: scallywag, scamp, devil, imp, monkey, mischievous person, mischief-maker

Gone are the days of the only beer choice being dull, mass-market lagers in Ireland, but one thing is for sure – we are all still drinking beer, and beer with flavour! It is the second wave of the craft beer revolution, where eagerness is just not enough and Ireland is only the tip of the market with our reputation for producing high quality craft beers growing globally.

Take Rascals Brewing Company in Dublin, Ireland. They have a topnotch brewery, creative and experienced brewers, an intimidatingly good reputation (built up in only three years) and consistently great flavoured beers. They have also shelved some pretty prestigious beer awards on route as well and are now fully geared up for export having started supplying overseas earlier this year. 

The Rascals mission is to create cheeky, tasty beers. This is more than just a catchphrase, it’s the philosophy behind what they brew, how they think and what they believe. Cathal and Emma are the founders and describe the brewery as slightly off-centred, brewing popular beer styles with a rascally twist.

They say “It is not enough anymore to just be different. People are more educated about their tastes and will seek out the best beers. There are more craft beer consumers than ever and they are more confident, more adventurous and more demanding than ever before. We meet that demand.”

Their brand voice is also very important to them. In a market that is becoming increasingly saturated, Rascals de-clutters the complexity & speaks directly to the customer. All the beers have impish names with a descriptive, educative and conversational quality, giving them centre-stage on each can / tap. Rascals voice is welcoming, it’s honest and most importantly it has an Irish accent.

When you think of Rascals a few of their core beers really jump to mind. Their Yankee White IPA has been a firm favourite with many craft beer drinkers ever since it was released. It has won multiple awards including the coveted Gold at the World Beer Cup Awards. In true Rascals style, this is a wheat IPA with a New World hoppy twist! It is brewed with lots of American hops to give juicy, tangerine and stone fruit flavours and aromas, and has a beautiful hazy pale blond appearance.

Big Hop Red is an absolutely fantastic Red Ale and has been quoted as one of the best red ales brewed in Ireland at the moment. They’ve really nailed it. Described as a lively, hoppy red ale with a sweet caramel malt backbone, it has a light bitterness, with lots of piney and zesty hop flavour and aroma. Simply put, it is a hoppy, malty drop of red ale heaven.

Other interesting core beers include the incredibly refreshing Happy Days Session Pale Ale with it’s melon, passion-fruit, mango and orange hop characteristics with a restrained malt background. And the Wunderbar German IPA, created with new breed German hops. Lots of fruity tangerine flavour and sweet hop aroma shine through in this outstanding brew.

They are a busy lot, and to keep their creative juices flowing, keep track of their on-going seasonal beer projects (especially as beer by its very nature is created according to the calendar). They match the most seasonally appropriate ingredients to create numerous tasty, fun and experimental beer styles throughout the year so keep an eye out for some tasty beers!

Rascals really are at the forefront of the Craft beer scene in Ireland and there’s more to come!

For more information, see rascalsbrewing.com.