To keep your Irish Pub’s menu interesting, give customers of all ages plenty of choice. One way to create an appealing, exciting range of dishes for your customers is to integrate seafood to your menu.

Seafood can be used to create dishes which are suitable for a wide range of customers; from ‘ladies who lunch’ looking for a healthy light meal, to young children – eager to get their delicious fish and chips. Look at your market and let it establish your menu.

Use your creative skills to offer something a little different to the usual prawn cocktail, with a little thought and top class 
seafood produce, your menu can offer clients something different, which will keep them coming back for more. Here are ten tips to serve fish in your Irish Pub:


  • Breading or battering small pieces of fish for kids meals. This can help reduce waste by using some of the smaller scraps of fish for smaller portions.
  • Guinness and Oysters is a tradition long associated with seafood dishes in Ireland. Mimic the famous Galway Oyster Festival and offer platters with the stout.
  • Take into account the different fish which are available throughout the year, talk to you supplier about special offers they may be running, and use the seasons to offer appropriate dishes – such as rich creamy chowder in the winter, or seafood salads and sandwiches to make the most of the summer weather.
  • Fish and Chips have traditionally been served in newspapers and brown bags from ‘chippers’ across Ireland. Continue this seafood tradition in your Irish pub by wrapping up some cod and chips in some paper with a newspaper print.
  • Using cubes of white or smoked fish for chowders or pies is a good use of extra smaller scrap pieces of fish, particularly good for serving during the cold weather.
  • Use your fish bones for creating delicious fish stocks, great for using as a base in soups and sauces.
  • Utilize smoked salmon trimmings for pasta dishes, which is also great for creating delicious homemade pates and mousses.
  • Create a range of stir-fries or ethnic dishes using smaller cuts of white fish or salmon.
  • Fill sandwiches, wraps or rolls with cubes of Cajun salmon, dressed with spicy mayonnaise.
  • Create your Irish Pub’s own signature ‘fish dish’ incorporating the best of Irish culture and tradition. Perhaps delivering a cod in a small Irish Fishing boat plate or cooking your fish in a batter of Guinness is what will make your Irish Pub stand out.

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