A new martini bar opening today on Main Street in Stroudsburg will take it back to the Roaring ’20s.

Behind the red curtain, in the newly renovated upstairs of Siamsa Irish Pub, bar goers will find the “Speakeasy.”

“I felt that Main Street needed a gathering place for a customer who wanted more of a lounge atmosphere than a college bar atmosphere,” said Siamsa’s Marketing Director Stephanie Varone. “People who are 30 or older, like myself, we go out a little earlier. We don’t want to wait for midnight for the night to begin and we do want live entertainment.”

Varone, who is new to the Siamsa staff, has been working on developing the martini bar for the past two months.

It will be located on the second floor of the Irish Pub, where Varone said there’s a “beautiful banquet room with beautiful windows and views of the town.”

The atmosphere will be “very laid back” and give people another option besides the college bar scene.

Little touches, like the dark clothing and suspenders worn by the bartenders, the candles and the red curtain at the entrance will add to the 1920s experience.

There’s also the drinks.

“The menu has these 1920s Prohibition cocktails on it and reinvented martinis, wine and beer by the glass and a late night menu with ‘Late Night Bites and Sweets,'” Varone said.

“We are bringing back the craftsmanship of the drinks back then. Only fresh ingredients were being used, sugar rims and beautiful garnishes on every drink,” she said.

The menu includes “snacks” such as a cheese platter. For those looking for something really sweet there’s the “chocolate lovin’ spoonful,” a chocolate cake covered with more chocolate.

The hours for the Siamsa Speakeasy will be Friday and Saturday nights from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Source: Christina Tatu, poconorecord.com