Where Its Live is a Sports and Entertainment Platform that allows bars and venues to inform customers of what is happening daily in their business, from sports matches to live music, pub quizzes, comedy and much more. Over the last year WIL has added more than 300 bars and has been growing rapidly. The official launch is this February when we will be inviting the first 5000 bars to sign up, completely for free!

WIL has launched their new website www.whereitslive.com that provides bars with the opportunity to have their WIL profile viewed by web users across the globe. By investing heavily in SEO, WIL is becoming the number one site that appears in search results when searching for what’s on in bars. Furthermore, numerous bars have been so impressed by the website that they are using WIL as their own site and directing customers to their WIL profile for information about the bar – what’s on, photos, food and drink menus, and more.

Okay I know what you’re thinking: not another social media platform! If you’re still sharing to Facebook and Twitter why use WIL at all? Well in actual fact WIL has been designed to minimise the overall amount of time spent on social media.

Venues typically implement social media such as Facebook/Twitter or in-bar marketing to let customers know what’s on in their venue. However, unless the post appears in a customer’s newsfeed or they specifically search your bar, they may never become aware of what’s on. By creating WIL we have designed a platform through which potential and current customers can quickly and easily see what their venue has on that’s relevant to their interests. Venues are able to communicate more effectively with their target audience at no extra cost – it’s totally free and anything you add to WIL can be shared straight away to Facebook and Twitter through the press of a button.

Where It's LiveWIL Admin
All Venues can use the WILadmin app or our admin site. This app allows the venue to control everything from their smartphone, including what’s on, event listings, social sharing, what channel a game is on, sending push notifications, and they will also have access to WILpaid.

WIL Paid
WILpaid is the innovative payment system that will connect customers, bars and drinks brands.

By using WILpaid bars have the opportunity to opt into promotions and get paid immediately for their participation once an offer redemption has occurred. These promotions may occur through different branded apps (not just through the WIL app) but they can all be tracked by the bar through WILpaid. This means that all the confusion of the different amounts of credit owed, kegs given etc. is no longer a problem. The venue gets paid an agreed amount directly into their account each time a drink is redeemed.

Both users and bars will be assigned a Wallet feature. For users, what this means is they can check their Wallet for any offers or promotions that have been sent to them, either directly from the drinks brand or their local bar. A venue or brand can reach out to all potential customers informing them to check their wallet. This will drive footfall into your venue.

To have your venue on WIL today for FREE simply email us at info@whereitslive.com and a member of the WIL team will be in touch!