Here’s something that not many people know… The initial concept of Irish Pubs Global was formed from conversations at the Irish Economic Forum at Dublin Castle in 2010. Much of our young, talented workforce were forced to immigrate to locations all around the world to secure employment as the global recession bit hard here in Ireland. So much talent, culture and soul went with them and the country wanted to reach out to them, to keep them connected to their homeland and to encourage them to come home to visit or return to live once again. It was known that many of the Diaspora would spend time in their local Irish pub wherever they settled in the world but as independent businesses, the Irish pub sector was diverse, scattered and disconnected from one another and in many cases from Ireland.

Globally, there are an estimated 15,000 Irish pubs around the world, many of you are a proud testament to Irish warmth and hospitality, some of those 15,000 do our industry a disservice. As a not-for-profit organisation, Irish Pubs Global has made it our mission to connect the only global export we have which spreads Irish culture and Ireland’s passion for great hospitality, quality food, fun and music all around the world. It is well-accepted that many visitors to Ireland had their first experience of Irish culture in an Irish pub in their native country and one of the first things they want to experience in Ireland is an Irish pub. I can’t think of many other hospitality experiences which would make us want to visit its country of origin. I didn’t feel the need to jet off to the USA or China when I had my first Big Mac or first Chinese restaurant experience, lovely as they both were but that is the unique draw of Ireland and the Irish pub experience. It is a premium experience like no other. Where else can you get schooled in culture, music, fun and folklore while enjoying high quality food and drinks?

That’s what the great Irish pubs around the world do so well. They give millions of Diaspora and locals in towns and cities around the world an authentic taste of Ireland and what it means to be Irish. That comfort and sense of familiarity is something many of us look for when we travel abroad. We want to experience the culture of the region of course, but we also look for those familiar beacons like the craic, the music and a “Full Irish” that are available in a good Irish Pub to help us feel at home.

An Pucan premium Full Irish Breakfast

An Pucan pub

For a pub owner, it can be quite a challenge to live up to those expectations, deliver a premium quality experience and run a prosperous business especially given the competition which Irish Pubs face all over the world. The smarter pub owners realise that the competition isn’t really from the other Irish pubs in the city, it is from the coffee shop that’s selling beer, it is from the restaurant down the road, it is from the pizza place, the supermarket and Netflix!

The other Irish Pub in town can be your strongest ally. It’s likely you’ve both had similar problems at some point and one of you may have found a solution. If you both collaborate and help one another to create events like an Irish music festival, Irish food festival, Irish culture week, a GAA league etc it is much easier to achieve something as a unit than on your own. Councils and communities etc become more cooperative when there are a number of businesses and the larger community going to benefit from a local project instead of just the one business. Imagine what we can do in the future as the Irish Pubs Global community continues to grow and learn from one another and continue to improve and evolve this global sector?

Scholars Lounge Rome premium pub

Scholars Lounge Rome

As a proud and enthusiastic vehicle for selling and promoting Irish products all over the world, the Irish pub is an important outlet for the food, drinks and hospitality industries here in Ireland. It is especially important now with so many innovative new products and services being developed here from Tech companies producing new software, Apps and systems to world-class food and the exciting surge in global demand for Irish spirits, beers and ciders.

Part of the success of Irish Pubs Global is in the infrastructure we have set up to help you the pub owner to stay connected and informed with what is happening in this fast changing industry. We work with numerous Irish and international companies, agencies and suppliers to bring you the latest trade news and trends in the industry. The information available to free members is always very informative and interesting, but it is limited. However, our new Premium Members now have full access to;

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  • Special trade offers and discounts through the IPG Affiliate Partner Programme from companies like Bizimply, Guinness Open Gate Brewery, Best Western Hotels, Dublin Bar Academy, Northern Gas & Power Americas and many more.

For many Premium Members, their Irish Pubs Global Member’s Window Crest is what gives them most pride to display that they are a Premium Member of their global trade organisation which strives to help quality Irish pubs deliver an authentic and prosperous business which will last for generations to come.

There are numerous other benefits of Premium Membership and at the new special price of only €195 per year, not only does it help to support the work of the association, but it is also excellent value for you the member.

If you haven’t renewed your Premium Membership yet, contact me Kevin Mc Parland to renew your membership details or sign up here and join the growing community of premium members in Ireland, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria, United Arab Emirates and all around the world.