One design company is creating a significant stir in the Irish hospitality sector. Dublin-based Third Mind Design are one of the leading and most exciting design companies based in Dublin’s city centre. They operate on the principle that three creative heads are better than one and employ a collaborative approach to each project whether that’s something graphic-based like the creation of a cool beer mat or website or whether it’s a complete overhaul of a building to create an entirely new bar and brand. Whilst some projects may only involve direct engagement from one of their lead designers, it always includes creative input from their two other senior designers at no extra cost. Founded in 2013 by 3 visual enthusiasts they have grown into a large team of creative individuals with a pool of unique experience and backgrounds that is delivered on every project.

Speaking to Irish Pubs Global, Max Fedorov, one of the founding partners explains a little about their unique personal vision and approach to their projects. “We partner with our clients to deliver customised solutions that reflect their business values and objectives. As a team we specialise in the fields of visual communication and visual interaction. The skill set of our team includes specific expertise in architecture, graphic, interior, product and web design.”

The Work

Since their beginnings, Third Mind Design has been heavily involved in all aspects of the hospitality and craft beer industries. In fact they are bearded, beer and brewing-enthusiasts themselves that wouldn’t look out of place sitting in a craft pub instead of designing them. They’ve been immersed in the craft beer culture and have viewed with keen interest the growing influence that craft beer has had on the entire Irish Hospitality sector from its drinks to its decor. You’d be forgiven for thinking the up-cycling feel to craft breweries and pubs which millennials seem to love so much may be easy. You might presume it’s  just a case of finding a few pallets and perfectly-sized, matching furniture lying around in skips, but the “re-purposed” look has a lot more depth to it. It calls for key planning, attention to design detail and of course customised-manufacturing to fulfill the client’s brief and achieve what the brand needs. Max adds: “We have extensive experience in the hospitality industry ranging from basic branding right through to a complete design package. No project is too small as we offer customised solutions to suit the needs of our clients – from the basic beer mat to a full scale design solution. We have worked with major craft breweries on their brewery layouts and branding as well as a number of traditional pubs, craft pubs and bars both in Ireland and abroad on everything from their menus and food presentation to interior and exterior visuals.”

Most recently Third Mind Design have been working closely with the major craft beer festivals around Ireland (Irish Craft Beer Festival, Irish Beer & Whiskey Village, Belfast Craft Beer Festival, Cork Craft Beer Festival, etc.) delivering a customised branding solution to include branding, advertising & venue design.

“Our interior design solutions encompass bespoke furniture/lighting design and production, interior layout and decoration. Our main goal is to create the most visually stimulating, unique and exciting designs for clients who are passionate about taking their business to the highest level. We take each project very personally and really get to know our clients to create a feeling of trust between us and them. This always results in a 100% client satisfaction at the end of the project.”

The Approach

Our approach is simple;

  1. Assessment – to discuss your expectations and priorities with one of the senior designers
  2. Design proposal – proposed solution which includes a choice of design directions aligned with your budget.
  3. Design stage – a bespoke solution with a timeline of deliverables.
  4. Production – delivery of project


Fedorov says “We don’t charge any fees until the assessment stage has been signed off and you the client are happy to proceed with the project and we welcome questions from the industry and future clients.” so feel free to give them a call or drop them an email with any questions you might have.


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