With less than two weeks to go, our convention planning is at fever pitch! We’re nearly there now, with just the final bits off to the printers and only the polishing to do on our planning.

We’re not the only ones who have been hard at work: the Guinness people have been planning the Arthur’s Day festivities in Ireland and around the world. Here in Galway the lineup is impressive: David Grey is topping the bill, but if that’s not enough for you, he’ll be playing alongside The Magic Numbers, Newton Faulkner, Sharon Shannon and the winners of the Guinness Our Thursdays band competition – plus a special guest or two.

Arthur’s Day, of course, is the global celebration of Guinness that was first held last year to celebrate the 250-year anniversary of the signing of the lease on the Guinness Brewing Company. When 17:59 hits, we’ll all be lifting our pints “to Arthur!” We hope you’ll be with us!

If you are coming to our convention, you’ll be in on the action, as we’ve got tickets set aside for all our convention-goers. The gig will start at 17:59 on the Galway Docks. See the Guinness.com website for more information.