With the 2018 Irish Pubs Global Gathering just over a month away, we are delighted to announce that TV and radio star Hector Ó hEochagáin will be joining us as MC for the Irish Pubs Global Awards night on the 9th of October in The Galmont Hotel, Galway.

Hector has been entertaining the country since the early 2000s both on TV and radio, and has won multiple IFTA awards throughout the years. His television shows from the Horse Racing hit “Only Fools Buy Horses” and “Hanging with Hector“ to the series where he immersed himself in sub cultures all over the country “Hector Goes” and more recently “Hector Central” which saw him travelling through Central America.

Hector’s infectious energy, humour and professionalism is sure to keep us entertained on what will no doubt be the industry event of the year for the global Irish hospitality industry.

The gala dinner will begin with a welcome reception, seeing the venue transformed into an “Irish Market”, allowing attendees to sample some of the best food and drink the island of Ireland has to offer.

The Irish Pubs Global Awards is just one part of The Irish Pubs Global Gathering. This year’s three-day event schedule includes a conference, chef demos, food and drink tours and will conclude on Tuesday 9th October with the annual Irish Pubs Global Awards gala dinner.

You can view the full event schedule and book tickets HERE.